Sunday, July 8, 2012


Faith that does not obey is false faith. faith that obeys is a faith that transforms your life.

TESTS that you are in the FAITH

1. Obedience

- Lk 9:23-25
The first sign of a true faith is the obedience and the wanting to follow Christ in all the areas of your life. There must be no conditions in this obedience.

Discipleship is not a program (program is just used for a lack of better term). It is not an event but rather a way of life. It is not for a limited time, but for our whole life. It is not for beginners alone, but for believers. It is what the church does.
- if we are not discipling and we are not being discipled, we are being disobedient.
- it is not just part of the advancement of God's kingdom
- the existence of serious disciples is the most serious evidence of God's work on Earth.
- without enough disciples, the task of God remains incomplete

Mat 9:35-38

* Most of the people being discipled end up serving the Lord.

Discipleship - learning from and following a leader

Mat 28:18-20
Go and make disciples of all nations.

1Tim 4:7
* We avoid discipline because it disrupts the normal and comfortable pattern of your life.

- comfort can be the greatest enemy of obedience to God.
* interference - when someone sticks his nose in your life.
(eg. did you do your quiet time?)
* if you really want to grow in a meanigful way, you should be thankful for interference and be willing to accept it.

* most of us wants to harvest a life of discipline while living in a life of laziness.
* we want all the benefits of humility and growth without being humble or seeking to grow.
- the whole Christian life is a process and many times, the process is the purpose.
* people do not like the process and THEY JUST DONT LIKE TO WAIT.

Mat 18: Church discipline
- this positive interference lies in the heart of making disciples.
- when you are in a discipling relationship, you are helping each other obey God.

- discipleship is the heart of God's work



1. Discipleship ranks as God's top priority because Jesus practiced it, and commanded us to do it and His followers continued it
- with the great commission, transformation became a mission. it is not even about planting churches.

* the issue is not planting churches. That is not only a tool.

Mat 28: reveals God's heart and priority
- this indicate a method that will fulfill God's plan to rescue the world.

* evangelism should lead to discipling -- follow up.
* a commitmment to be and make disciples is the central act of every disciple and every church.

- Discipleship is important because Jesus said so. Discipleship must be central.
Are you a Christian? Are you a believer? Is this commission central to you?
* do not be satisfied just because you have a ministry. serving is NOT enough.
* if discipleship is not important, why is there church.

Mark 10:45
The Lord held nothing back to save those He loves.Christianity implies an ENTIRE change of life -- a dedication of ourselves to God.
The great commission launches a rescue mission
- All followers receive orders with full authority wherever they happen to be.